Famous CPU maker Intel is intensifying its competition with ARM, especially since they’re said not to make the goal of 40 million tablets covered this year. They are certainly going for it trying to get their chips onto as many Android slates as possible.


The costs of Android on Intel tablets are still higher than those of the Android on ARM models. That comes straight out of a Digitimes Research report published this week. The report also states that Intel will rely more on Android than on Windows 8.1 this year, because of the Google OS’s larger market coverage. Digitimes Research predicts that 60% of the Intel tablet processor shipments will go to Android slates and 40% to Windows machines.

ASUS will be the main provider of such devices. Also, instead of the 40 million tablets that Intel wants to move they should hit around 32 million. CEO Brian Krzanich seems convinced that the 40 mil goal is doable, since there’s plenty of the year left. Subsidies will be offered for device makers in order to get more slates with Intel CPUs.