The Xperia Play and iPhone rocked the gaming world, that’s for sure, but Android 4.0 is also set to leave a mark here. Honeycomb already supports USB gamepads, but Ice Cream Sandwich now brings that support to handsets, which is very cool.

Google framework engineer Romain Guy confirmed this support on his Twitter account, so it’s all good news here. HDMI playing is also available, in case you’re wondering. You can use a USB to microUSB adapter for the Galaxy Nexus for example to connect it to a gaming pad and then connect the device to the TV and turn it into a gaming system.

Developers will probably start working on these features and improving them, to make the gaming experience even better. HTC had plans for a gaming service at some point, something related to OnLive, but we’re still waiting on that promise… Will that initiative coupled with Android 4.0 give birth to something cool?