Huawei never shies away from increasing its portofolio of products, so it comes as no surprise the fact that they’re prepping a new slate. I’m talking about the 7D-501 model, that popped up at the Bluetooth SIG authority.


Apparently, Huawei has introduced two such models to the authority, both resembling the iPad Mini in design. The two are 7 inchers and also they’re a bit narrower compared to the iPad Mini. The thickness of the new Huawei slates is 7.5 mm and the two versions are the 7D-501U, with WiFi, Bluetooth and the SIM card and the other one with 4G.

The device has a Full HD screen, a front speaker above the screen and a front camera and light sensor. At the back there’s a camera with flash, so this model comes fully featured. Other details have yet to be revealed. The device will debut worldwide, not just in China.