All of you HTC Flyer owners rejoice! There’s a nifty gift coming to you and it’s got Honeycomb written all over it… Yes, you’ve read it right: the HTC Flyer will be receiving Android 3.x through an upcoming upgrade, that will hit around Christmas time.

The device has already started receiving updates in some parts of the world, such as France. The new software takes the Flyer up to Android 3.2, after a long period of waiting and a really appealing price reduction of the slate that put it in the $200+ price range. The software version to look out for is 3.55.405.1 and the files measure 210MB, so it’s a big update, also one that comes OTA, so be careful with that data contract of yours.

For now, the HTC Flyer version with 32GB of memory, WiFi and 3G is getting the update, according to people familiar with the matter. No info when the 16GB WiFi Flyer will receive it and right now I’m looking forward for some info regarding people who aren’t in France and have received the update.