If you’re an Amazon Kindle Fire owner, than know that there’s a fresh app for you, the Plex software. This is a media application was recently updated for other platforms and Android was not neglected, neither was the Amazon tablet. What it does is that it allows users to stream media from their home network.

Content streaming from friends’ libraries is also available, courtesy of the recently released Plex cloud service. This thing is actually getting some quick traction, as it has apps for iOS, Android and third party developers are working on bringing it to other hardware platforms, like Blu-ray players and set top boxes. The thing here is that Amazon has its own cloud thing going on, with associated services, so bringing an extra option to the scene might not please them.

Also, Amazon wants to sell content, not necessarily help you stream content you bought somewhere else on their devices. After all, the $200 tablet is selling at a loss and Amazon is more fond of the money it’s making with products and services sold on the slate, then the actual hardware. Will the Plex mean the downfall of the media experience on the Kindle Fire, or at least the media served by Amazon?