After the FCC approval of the HTC Puccini 10 inch Honeycomb tablet, now we learn info about the supposed HTC Flyer 2. According to the leaked photo below, the next Flyer could feature dual cameras and most likely a 3D screen to view the 3D content you captured.

Since HTC is already offering the HTC EVO 3D phone with 3D technology on board, it would be a pity not to bring this tech to the world of tablets. With the LG Optimus Pad out there, we should get a decent rival, right? Aside from the 3D display and two cameras at the back, capable of 3D capture, we have no idea what specs the Flyer 2 will feature.

A dual core CPU is most likely present, as well as at least 1GB of RAM and many gigs of internal memory. We can suppose that we’ll see this product launched by Christmas time, but I can’t guarantee that…

  • Deian Stancu

    If it’s the same shitty Snapdragon, then pass…. In fact, it will surely be, Qualcomm owns shares in HTC, so every HTC is with it. Probably it will be with MSM 8660, with Adreno 220, which is slower than Tegra or Power VR.
    So better wait for Transformer 2 or Padfone, they have IPS panels, not ordinary LCD’s.
    HTC Puccini, what kind of name is this anyway? They name tablets from composers now?