HP’s Zeen tablet is a product we’ve heard about a while ago, complete with a 7 inch display and Android 2.1. Right now, the product is pretty much shapeshifting, as it’ll be bundled a HP printer and possibly lack support for Google Apps. Inside sources claim that the tablet will rely on HP’s TouchSmart interface, hiding the Android home screen.

The device uses a capacitive touchscreen, that’s supposed to be pretty inaccurate, according to the folks who tested it. Barnes & Noble’s Nook app will be preinstalled on the unit and the poor quality of the screen will make the Zeen an entry level device with print and reading support as its main focus.

Zeen’s bundle will include a Zeus printer also known as the Photosmart eStation C510, that comes with a built-in dock for the slate. Latest info shows the tablet as some sort of advanced controller for the printer and the combo of the two goes for $400, without the option of getting a Zeen on its own.

[via electronista]