We all know that iPad has taken over all areas of expertise, being used in schools, hospitals, on planes and oil rigs and now we’ve got another device that makes the news concerning such use: HP ElitePad 900. This Windows 8 tablet will be offered to the flight crew of Emirates planes, with 1,000 such HP tablets being ready for use.

There’s also a special app for Windows 8 developed by the company, in order to help the crews provide excellent in flight service. Emirates will roll out the slates in January 2013 and only 100 tablets will start the program. The idea is to get the crew used to the new system and integrate them with their daily habits and jobs. The number will reach 1,000 tablets rolled out by the end of 2013 and this will cover all flights for the airline.

The special application offers pilots the ability to brief the cabin crew before every flight, plus conduct upgrades in flight to business class or first class. They can also get customer feedback, that is sent to HQ when they land. Preferences for certain passengers will also be stored (food, drinks, seating and more). How cool is that?