Keep the tablets coming, boys! We’re witnessing a real avalanche of these products here, with more than 50 models estimated to surface this year. We’ve got a newcomer on our hands, from the lower priced segment, Hott MD500, a pretty decent Android tablet with a 4.8 inch display and a $92 price tag. Shown in action below, the device supports a 800 x 480 pixel resolution and OS customization:

Apparently, it can play every codec out there, or co claim its makers. Its iPhone-like design is pretty appealing and you can see that the device is much smaller than an Archos 5 unit, for example. The $92 price doesn’t include Flash memory and applies to distributors for now, but you can get a 4GB microSD card for close to nothing these days, so it’s pretty OK.

Glossy, slick, running Android 1.5, looking hot, cheap… what more do you want?