It appears that artistry is involved when making something as mundane as a wallpaper for the latest Windows release. Microsoft has published a video detailing the artistic process behind the creation of its default wallpaper in Windows 10.


The idea is to make the image so nice that users won’t change it with something else. Microsoft probably also knows that many users are lazy enough to leave the background image as is and they’ll probably want to be looking at something cool. Bradley G. Munkowitz is the creative director behind the shot, as shown in the video below. He worked on films like Oblivion and Tron and this time hew as in Michigan to pull off a bright installation of the Windows logo in 3D emanating light.

The installations were shot on camera in a Michigan studio and then edited into the wallpaper you see above. Blasting lasers and smoke machines were involved, as well as “falling crystal dust”. The result looks reasonably nice, but it’s not as mind blowing as the artist tries to convince us. It could have just easily be done in Photoshop.

We’ll remind you that Windows 10 is coming at the end of next month. What do you think of this hero desktop image?