The company Findaway entered the public eye about 9 years ago when it launched an audio player with an audiobook on board. It received quite a bit of buzz and got Barnes & Noble to sell it. The product flopped in the holiday season, but them got picked up by libraries. Now the same firm launches a tablet, called Playaway Launchpad and detailed below.


This device is meant for the children’s sections of libraries and it’s supposed to be lent by a library system. Many libraries have started tablet-lending programs with iPads and Android slates, but the Findaway product is supposed to be the first one to be lent by a library system. The Baltimore public library system has picked up 90 Playway tablets and split them between 3 branches.

They also have a 3D printing station and lend video games, so they’re very evolved. The slates come with a pack of themed science, math and reading apps, intended for a varied age group. Findaway worked with Fingerprint, a children’s app company, in order to choose the right applications. Multiple themes are included and the devices are built with tough plastic cases, in order to survive bumps.