In what seems to be a very cheesy video, the folks of ASUS tease an upcoming product from CES 2014. The device seems to be some sort of hybrid, most likely with a dual boot setup and the Statue of Liberty is yet again a muse for the clip.


If I’m not mistaking, ASUS has used Her before for such promotional means. The Statue shows a “V” sign for victory now and seems to play with a sort of Transformer Book Trio or something like it. Insiders say that we’re going to get a dual OS, judging by the combo of Blue meaning Windows and green, Android shown on the slates held by the statue.

Apparently the kicker here is we get dual boot in tablet mode as well, not only laptop mode. So, who’s ready for the ASUS Transformer Book Trio 2 and what incredible CPUs will it have inside? Will be a Bay Trail machine or a Haswell one? Will it sport a Tegra 4 for Android or a Snapdragon 800? We’ll have to wait and see…