Google is supposedly working on a new Google Assistant-powered smart display, which could end up as a detachable tablet. Since we’re getting close to the month of May, when I/O takes place, we could see the device there and leaks are definitely not lacking.

Google Assistant-powered smart displays already have touch functionality, but they’re not quite full fledged tablets. Google may change the script by using a detachable tablet and making it a standalone machine. Google did give these Nest Hub units a sort of app drawer, but they have not apps, a limited browser and too little in the way of multitasking. We here at Tablet News struggled with calling them tablets.

We could even end up with a tablet that runs a version of Fuchsia and a Google Cast-based platform could be in the mix. We may dream of Android 12L, since it’s been the wunderkind of Google tablet-based products lately. Google’s smart display lineup now starts at $99.99 for the Nest Hub (2nd gen), which includes a Soli radar for sleep tracking and air gestures. It was announced in 2021 and promoted as a “bedside companion”.

Then there’s the Nest Hub Max from 2019 priced at $229 with a big 10 inch screen and powerful audio hardware. Google is pushing this as a device for the kitchen and also a video conferencing machine. Now here comes the new Nest Smart Display with a removable screen that can be used as a tablet. It attaches to the base/speaker for a more conventional style smart home device.

Google has been adding more interface elements to the second gen Nest Hub and Nest Hub Max. If you swipe up from the bottom of the screen, you’re going to see a row of “apps” above the settings bar. All the apps right now on the Nest Hub are mere web bwers, launchers for shortcuts. The problem with migrating to a full on tablet would be the price change, making the devices more expensive of course.