Google’s CEO and co-founder, Larry Page recently gave an interview to Businessweek, detailing his relationship with Steve Jobs and the Android evolution. He says that of the brands he worked with, Motorola and Samsung have been closes to him, when it comes to tablets.

Right now Mr. Page uses an unnamed Samsung tablet, maybe a mystery new model, but up until that he had been using a Motorola XOOM device, for the past year. He was also quoted saying that the experiences offered by Android tablets are great and that they’re only in the early stages of the evolution. A while ago, it was rumored that Android 5.0 Jelly Bean will bring back the focus on tablets, which will be interesting to see, given that Honeycomb didn’t get anyone truly excited about it.

About Steve Jobs, Larry said that although they had their differences about Android, it was never truly the hate that Jobs conveyed to the press. Apparently, the whole thermonuclear war thing wasn’t actually meant from the heart and the Apple guru did that to motivate his minions. Larry Page said that “the Android differences were for show” and that he had a good relationship with Steve, seeing him periodically.