You’ve surely heard about Google’s Project Tango, the tablet with a complex set of 3D cameras at the back. Now the perfect use for such a device has been found, which is a tool for easily navigating inside a museum. It’s also useful for identifying artwork properly.


Through a partnership with Lenovo, Google has started installing Project Tango models in a public location for the first time. The Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya in Barcelona is that location. The slate is a game changer for the way people will visit museums from now on. You first have to calibrate the tablet, by spinning in circles for a few moments in order to let the cameras and sensors figure out where you are and what’s happening around.


Then it places you on the map and instructs you where to go first. Keep in mind there’s no GPS involved, but rather a camera system that creates a 3D perspective of the building you visit. Floor plans are created after all the rooms are mapped. Tango is able to navigate the user to where he/she wants to go. You just tap on a certain painting and then the device guides you there easily.

Some museums are huge and complex, so this tablet may come in handy. It’s also able to generate an AR trail via the camera and let you follow that. A pop up will also tell the user where to stay next to an exhibit for the best view. When you get to the artwork, Project Tango will display information about it. And this is just the beginning as this may aid people visiting castles, all sorts of monumental buildings or even the commercial malls.