The New York Times is reporting that Google is now developing Google Maps for iOS and hopes to approach a release towards the year end. iPhone owners with iOS 6.0 will finally get a decent navigation software on their devices after the failure that Apple Maps proved to be, prompting even Apple CEO Tim Cook to apologize for this product.

The reason for the delay of Google Maps for iOS? Well, Google apparently was caught off guard when its software was replaced with Apple Maps. They expected their product to remain on iDevices for a longer while and Apple apparently decided out of the blue to change their choice of mapping system, without letting Google know. Google and Apple are really at each other’s throats now, but even Tim Cook suggested the users may rely on alternatives to iOS Maps, like Bing Maps, Google Maps or Nokia’s solution.

The good thing about the delay of Google Maps for iOS is that the search engine giant has more time to include a couple of nifty features, like some Google Earth functions, 3D images and more. Seeing that Apple has that cool Flyover 3D feature, their rival wants to one up them on this function too.