Microsoft may have its own cool stores, but that didn’t quite trigger an invasion of Surface Pro purchases. It’s hard to imitate the Apple Store success without also giving the public appealing products. Google will apparently try its hand with a bunch of retail stores, according to some inside info.


The search engine giant has already experimented with selling Nexus devices for itself and now it wants to open its own locations. There are already a bunch of Chrome stores integrated into other big commercial shopping areas in UK and USA. Best Buy holds such area, for example and so do PCWorld/Dixon locations. However, this time the new stores will be focused on Google and the Nexus devices especially. It would be a good idea to have such a space, since we could actually get to play with devices before we buy them.

Just look at the Nexus 4 and how hard it was to find an unit to purchase or play with, because of the low stocks. The Nexus 10 also had similar problems, so a Google Store is in order. There are Android stores in China, but they’re not quite official, as far as I know. The decision to open the stores is apparently associated with the Google Glasses, that certainly need an in store specialist to do the demo, since you are spending a lot of cash for them after all and you need to know what you’re buying.