After the Google Project Tango smartphone, now Google reveals the Project Tango Tablet, a device that allows users to capture 3D images. This tablet also packs a great hardware and the lastest version of Google’s Android operating system, Android 4.4 KitKat.


Project Tango tablet comes with a 7-inch Full HD  display, a quad-core NVIDIA Tegra K1 processor, 4 GB of internal memory, 128 GB of storage, WiFi, Bluetooth, LTE, USB 3.0 and microHDMI ports. As you can see, the tablet main purpose is to capture 3D photos and map the enviroment. We get a depth sensor and two cameras on the back. While one is a 4-megapixel camera with a two-micron sensor for super light sensitivity, the second one offers a 170-degree wide-angle lens.


The front-facing camera also offer a 120-degree lens to capture the enviroment in wide angle. According to Google the preorders for this device will start in this summer, at the end of June at a price of about $1024. It remains to see how many of units will be available for users and how this tablet features will be used in future.