Once again we have news about the Google Nexus Tablet, this time courtesy of a “trusted source” quoted by Techno Buffalo. It appears that the new tablet will actually made by ASUS, feature a quad core Tegra 3 CPU, a 7 inch display and it will debut during the Google I/O conference in San Francisco. The event kicks off on June 27th…

Anyway, the mockup you see above was done by Bob Freking for Concept Phones and it’s a pretty interesting depiction of how the device may look. The insider also says that the ASUS-built Nexus tablet will be shown during the conference and, as usual a unit will be given out to each of the developers attending the event. Reports on whether or not the slate runs Android 5.0 Jellybean are conflicting right now, so it may end up with Android 4.x instead.

It’s very likely that the new tablet will be priced around $200, making me think about the whole Nvidia project Kai thing, that involves quad core units with cheaper components and lower prices. They’re trying to follow the Amazon Kindle Fire recipe, although that’s more based on losing money and making it up from services… Let’s see if the Google Nexus Tablet will be a hit or not.

  • 200 USD retailed where? Asus main webportal or is Google going to try to do this by itself again?

    Any news on that?

  • Probably through the Google Play store like the Galaxy Nexus