Google has a special something when it comes to promoting its products: it’s very subtle. They’ve got the ninjas doing the cool YouTube unboxings and they’ve used the search engine home page to promote their gear before, so I’m not surprised to open today only to find that under the search bar my good friend Nexus 7 is advertised through a picture and phrase.

The idea here is the same from the video ad, speaking about a new playground and mentioning the $199 price tag for the device. Till now Google insisted with promotions involving family and using the tablet to watch movies and play games. I think they will keep this family approach in the future and not divert it to a certain age category, since $199 fits basically most ages. This affordable product was already reviewed by us and the video is posted on YouTube.

We’re also preparing a text review and one thing I can reveal: the tablet got a grade past 9 out of 10. This is a very good and solid product, both for the price, the quad core processor, the great display and the latest Android available on board. More about that in the full review!

  • joe scroggins

    OK. Glad to hear u like it. I agree. I loved my nexus phone til I got my nexus tablet. Now my phone feels slow and tiny. 4.65″ tiny. Lol. This nexus 7 tablet is well worth a even trade for a apple tablet. At $200 I feel like I stole it. Nothing about it is bad. I can’t leave home without it and every spare second is spent using it. I got the first android phone and I bought my nexus 7 phone day one. I have been impressed with android features. The app market is always improving my options and Google tied everything together very neatly. ITunes sucks. Having all my data backed up. Means no more going to my computer and plugging in to download. No more going to Verizon hoping they can retrive my data when I damage my phone. The worst factory defective replacement adding insult to injury finding out all data is lost. My laptop my desktop my phone and my tablet are all backup by Google. Thank you… if anyone has a complaint please reply so I can explain to you happily you have a mental condition. Apple is worthless. My iPod is only used for music so I don’t waste storage or battery life on my nexus. I do like my iPod screen. Its smooth clear and simple. For simple minded people. Same price tag as my tablet. Hahah. I got robbed by apple.

  • Art B.

    We are seeing a monster battle shaping up between Google and Apple and winner take all. If half the rumors are accurate, Nexus 7 will add a 99 dollar Reader and a 10″ Tablet that is thought to be on the way also. The Android market is growing by leaps and bounds and I believe we will soon see a convergence of the phone and the tablet….which is already happening. I’ve never been so happy with a device like Nexus 7 which is constantly in my hands. I just added NFL Rewind which allows viewing any NFL game after 9:00 pm Sunday and the High Definition is awesome. Add to that the ability to track all the financials and the list goes on and on. When I need an app I just dream up a specific search and sure enough there is probably an app which fills the bill. No wonder computer sales are slumping and they are not likely to get better. The guns of Google are pointing directly at Apple and Amazon may as well just as well forget about because its a two man race now.