Google has a special something when it comes to promoting its products: it’s very subtle. They’ve got the ninjas doing the cool YouTube unboxings and they’ve used the search engine home page to promote their gear before, so I’m not surprised to open today only to find that under the search bar my good friend Nexus 7 is advertised through a picture and phrase.

The idea here is the same from the video ad, speaking about a new playground and mentioning the $199 price tag for the device. Till now Google insisted with promotions involving family and using the tablet to watch movies and play games. I think they will keep this family approach in the future and not divert it to a certain age category, since $199 fits basically most ages. This affordable product was already reviewed by us and the video is posted on YouTube.

We’re also preparing a text review and one thing I can reveal: the tablet got a grade past 9 out of 10. This is a very good and solid product, both for the price, the quad core processor, the great display and the latest Android available on board. More about that in the full review!