Google didn’t offer official sales figures for the Nexus 7, but analysts can speculate on that using the data they have. Industry analyst Benedict Evans is one of the people speculating and he took statements from the ASUS CEO and various other sources to churn out some stats. And they don’t sound that good for both Google and ASUS…


Everyone sees the Nexus 7 as a success, everyone seems to love it and even we named it the tablet of the year 2012. However, Evans believes that 4.8 million units of the 7 inch tablets were sold last year. He also splits them into about 2.2 million units in Q3 and about 2.4 million units in Q4. Overall you should reach 4.6 million, but they are rounded up to a maximum of 4.8 million units. The Nexus 7 7 inch quad core slate had strong competitors like the iPad Mini and Amazon Kindle Fire, to name just two of them.

Apparently, the iPad Mini, that came months later after the Nexus 7 managed to move 10 million units last year and that’s a crazy number considering the product launched in November. Amazon Kindle Fire also outsold the Nexus 7, but we have no figures for that performance. Rumors say that soon we may be getting a Nexus 7 with a facelift soon and improved screen resolution, probably to tackle the iPad Mini 2 early.

  • JohnnyL53

    Among the public in general, the N7 is virtually unknown even with the commercial that played around the holiday period. Amazon and Apple both swamp the N7 in terms of getting their small tablets out there in the front of peoples minds. They are both easy purchases, known quantities. If you are into the Amazon and Apple ecosystems they are easy purchases. the N7 is a little more of an unknown. I got an N7 at Christmas. My wife got her new iPad this summer. She loves hers, I love mine. However, when I show her how my notifications work, how I have a choice of browsers I can use, how that new Swiftkey KB works, she does have a little envy.