Back in September Google leaked the Nexus 5 in a KitKat promo video and now they seem to be leaking yet another Nexus, also in an Android 4.4 promotional clip. Apparently, we’re dealing with the Nexus 8 here, an 8 inch slate of sorts…


This appearance was spotted on the Android website, shown on the “apps and entertainment” page, that focuses on first party and third party apps available on KitKat. You can see here in the picture a woman looking at a device that’s too big to be a Nexus 7 and too small to be a Nexus 10. The body design, particularly the bezel size doesn’t line up with the existing Nexus slates.

Interestingly enough, the design language reminds us of the LG G Pad 8.3 inch slate, shown below. Also, we must mention that over the past week we’ve seen a tablet codenamed LG-V510, that was presumed to be the Nexus 8. Is LG becoming Google’s favourite company, making two handsets in a row and now a tablet?