Since the iPhone 5s got a great comparison video with all the iPhones that preceded it, it’s time for the iPad Air to get the same treatment. In the video below, coming from Mashable, we see the iPad Air going head to head against the iPad 1, iPad 2, 3 and 4.

ipad air versus ipads

The first is the boot test, where the iPad Air beats the iPad 4 and the other by quite a margin and the iPad 3 seems the slowest. In the web browser test the iPad Air is once again very fast, but the iPad 4 doesn’t lag that far behind and the iPad 1 is incredibly slow. As far as the start of a YouTube video goes, the fifth and 4th iPad are pretty close and a few seconds in front of the predecessors.

There are instances when the iPad 3 actually seems the slowest of the pack and back in the days it appeared that this was a rushed product, just to get the Retina display out there faster. The iPad 4 corrected that and now the iPad Air solves any problem you may have with a 64 bit CPU, a great battery and finally a more compact case.