Google I/O tickets for the 2012 event have started selling and they stopped pretty quickly, since they sold out in less than 30 minutes. It’s all eager developers and entrepreneurs who want to see the rumored Nexus Tablet at $200 and Android 5.0 Jelly Bean in action. I’m sure that some if not all developers will get free Nexus Tablet units at I/O 2012.

The tickets were put up for sale at 7 am Pacific time and academic tickets went for as much as $300 a piece, while regular tickets were $900. Last year Google handed out Galaxy Tab 10.1 units with Honeycomb, encouraging devs to create Android 3.x apps, but I can’t say that really brought solid results. Now, with Android 5.0 rumored to go back to the tablet experience and help it evolve, I’m expecting developers to be very interested in this new release and in the new Nexus tablet that should come during I/O.

ASUS is rumored to make this device, turning their MeMo cheap quad core tablet into this slate. What else do you think Google could announced, aside from a new tablet and Android 5.0? Is a Samsung also on the horizon, maybe a Motorola one?