Google Duo debuted worldwide in August 2016, as a video chat mobile app, available on iOS and Android. Now it’s ready to spread its wings and also arrive on tablets, according to the latest leaks. Google Duo users are able to make high def video calls to other people and there’s also optimization for low bandwidth networks.

Justin Uberti, the head engineer at Duo responded to a tweet that was asking him if support for iPad was in the cards. The user wanted to use the iPad to chat with his daughter and Uberti replied with “Stay tuned”, which sounds like good news to me. Duo works by associating its services with a phone number, so that may be a problem on tablets.

However, that has been bypassed by the likes of Skype, Hangouts and FaceTime, that work on multiple devices. Duo could hook up to your phone in order to be used on a slate. Duo has been pretty well received since it debuted, because it’s very responsive and user friendly. A cute little feature it includes is “Knock Knock”, that lets a user see a live preview of the caller before answering.

An update from April this year lets you perform audio only calls. Google Duo calls are in 720p HD video and they’re optimized for low bandwidth mobile networks. End to end encryption is available by default.