A new milestone in the life of tablets and mobile devices in general has been reached, as Google has stopped selling the Pixel C tablet in the Google Store. This model was launched as a premium machine in late 2015 and now it’s no longer available.

It was updated properly, it was a pricey tablet with a keyboard accessory and it received several price cuts over the years. For months now it hasn’t been up for purchase and now this decision comes to clarify everything. The product page has been removed and the Google Store also gave up on the “Tablet” category. Already the Pixel C had been bundled under the “Laptops and Tablets” area following the October 4th launch event for the Pixel 2.

The UK Google Store did have the Pixel C a while longer and practiced a generous discount to get rid of the stocks. Interestingly, accessories are still available, like the Pixel C magnetic keyboard, discounted at $99. Ever since 2014, tablets have been less and less in demand. The iPad Mini died in the meantime, big tablets and laptops came back and detachables are a hit.

Google is solely going to focus on Chromebooks from now on, that’s clear.