We’ve been hearing about Google’s upcoming Chrome OS tablet for a while now and today fresh info leaks about it. Turns out that the device is going to offer dual boot support, with Chrome OS and Windows 10 as the options.

As you know Google has an event scheduled for October 9th and that’s exactly when they’re going to show off the new product. Codenamed “Nocturne” for a while, the device was also recently leaked as “Google Slate”. Code references point towards Windows 10 support, with Win 10 BSOD early during boot. It’s very likely that Windows 10 support will come later, like it happened with support for the Android apps.

The tablet could be used as a sort of testbed for what’s to come, showing if Chrome OS and Windows can work together on a device. This unit is mode of a Pixelbook follow-up, than a successor for the Pixel C from 2015. Project “Campfire” has been rumored to be mixing Chrome Os and Windows together on the Pixelbook and then on some Chromebooks even. With Android app support, Windows and Chrome OS, this would be the most versatile device o the market.

Linux app support should also be in the mix to round thing sup. I think that Microsoft could be so jealous of how open this device is that they’d cut the cord for the Windows support on it.. Till then dual boot sound doable. We’ll learn more on October 9th, when the Pixel 3 comes out, plus other new hardware products.