We all know that the newspapers and TV are slowly dying out, because of tablets and smartphones. However, the press could survive if they’re smart enough to turn to tablets. At least that’s what one Google official is saying.


Google’s chief economist Hal Varian believes that newspapers can stop their decline by using tablets as a medium. Varian compares the slates to newspapers, saying the two are similar as leisure time reading material. Tablets are said to beat both phones and desktop PCs as the source of news for the average user during the morning or the evening.

Physical papers take about 25 minutes to read, in order to get the latest news, while tablets users in the UK and US spend about 2 to 4 minutes on an online news site, so there’s that. Newspapers make out one eighth of ad revenues from online ads nowadays. Tablets also have the advantage of always on content, so you never have to wait for the next day edition to appear.

So, what do you think? Will the press be saved by tablets?