MediaTek, a very reputed CPU maker for handsets and tablets has made some claims regarding the shipments of tablets in 2015. They predict the growth of the segment will happen at a lower pace compared to the previous years, hitting single digits in the percentage area.


Around 70 million iPads were shipped in 2014, while Windows slates reached around 15 million units. Android units got to 170-175 million units and the overall tablet shipments reached 255-260 million units, according to MediaTek. The growth of the iPads actually slowed down, while Windows tablets grew only slightly. In 2015, MediaTek expects tablet shipments worldwide to grow by 9% or so.

Industry observers even claimed that the global market will feel strong pressure this year, because of the impact of large screen smartphones. MediaTek responds to that by saying the enterprise, educational and gaming markets will help the tablets overcome the big screen smartphone complex. So, growth will happen, but at a slower rate…