Digitimes Research recently offered some results for a study showing that global tablet shipments may reach 210 million units in 2013. This signifies a 38.3% increase on year and passes notebook shipments for the first time. Branded slate shipments will reach 140 million units, according to Digitimes Research senior analyst James Wang.

In 2013 Google is expected to have a great year, thanks to the momentum generated by the Nexus series products, especially the Nexus 7 and Nexus 10. Apple remains the biggest tablet vendor internationally, but its share has already dropped dangerously close to 50% this year alone. Overall in 2012 it will have a 60% market share, that will drop to only 55.6% next year and 37.4% in total tablet shipments, with white box models included. Android will become the largest platform in the tablet segment, passing iOS and that will happen next year as well.

Android slates are expected to reach 121 million units next year, up 40.2% on year, which is a very impressive performance. Digitimes Research also claims that global tablet shipments may reach as much as 320 million units in 2015 with the branded tablets accounting for 220 million units, while the white box models reach 100 million.