Data regarding tablet shipments and sales in 2015 came in today, courtesy of research firm TrendForce. That’s how we found out that the global tablet market fell 12% last year, but the iPad remained on top.


168.5 million slate units were shipped over the past 12 months, marking it the first time the tablet segment declines at double digit pace. Apple has a market share of 29.4%, a decrease from the 34% in 2014. Samsung is second with 19.9%, then comes Lenovo, with 5.8% and Amazon with 3.3%. ASUS is close by with 3.2%. Amazon and Lenovo grew in share last year, but the most impressive growth comes from within the “others” area.

It jumped from 33.9% in 2014 to 38.5% in 2015. TrendForce also has estimations for 2016, that include a point of growth for Samsung, Amazon and ASUS and 4.4% lost by Apple, as well as 0.1% for Lenovo. The “others” will jump to a very impressive 42.5%. Reasons for the decline last year are clear and have been repeated by analysts a lot lately: popularity of phablets, convertible rise and the long life cycle of the product.

Doesn’t sound like a good year for slates, does it?