If you’re looking for a cool sci-fi game to play on your iPad, Galaxy on Fire 2 HD is the title to get. We’re dealing with a game priced at 99 cents, taming up 560 MB of space and compatible with the iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, iPad 2 and the other new iPads. You’ll get more than 10 hours of sci-fi action in space and 8 brand new spaceships.

People have been calling this title a “portable Eve Online” and they’re not at all far from the truth. We’re dealing with an action space shooter with RPG elements like upgraded ships and weaponry, quests and other stuff like it. The story here is pretty appealing, involving a hyperdrive malfunction, that sends the adventurer Keith T. Maxwell through space and time. 35 years later he must take on a huge alien army and fight races that are at war. The gameplay relies on a third person view of the spaceship, but you can also dock at a space station, where you get text conversations with other characters.

The conversations bring you more missions, side quests and money for completing them. You can also mine asteroids for the classic Ore and sell materials via the Hangar. The money you get you can spend on powerful spaceships and weapons, on wingmen or purchasing components to build your very own weapons. 3D graphics, superb galaxies and a great epic soundtrack make Galaxy on Fire 2 HD a truly great title. You can download it from here or by scanning the QR code below.