E Ink keeps unveiling fresh technology and this time it came up with the JustWrite tech, used for writing on digital paper. They usually handle stuff like black and white screens on eReaders like the Kindle.

The new technology promises a “natural writing experience” with close to zero latency. The concept was shown during the the Connected Ink 2018 event in Tokyo, taking place this week. The JustWrite film involves a durable and bendable, plus light plastic screen, which can be reshaped as you please.

This means you could even employ a JustWrite display with holes in it. The device will be available in any size up to 3 feet in width, meaning it could be used for blackboard purposes in schools. It enables a pen and paper style experience, without requiring a TFT backplane.

There’s also an optional digitizer, but you can also use with just a stylus. The core implementation fits in the size of an A4 sheet, sans the bulky TFT backplane. It needs very little electricity and has very low latency. JustWrite also works with pens, brushes, markers and stamps.