Double Robotics has just created a very cool accessory for the iPad, one that allows it to run around showing you the faces of your friends at the level of your sight. We’re dealing here with sort of a segway device, a $2,499 product called “telepresence robot”, that actually uses a pair of iPads. One sits in the self balancing base and the other is a remote control.

There’s also an app used to control the robot, adjusting its height to your preferences. The iPad’s front facing camera streams everything the robot sees and allows you to interact with folks nearby. The shipments of the Double Robotics product will start in December and if you preorder now you’ll pay the discounted amount of $1,999, iPads excluded. The idea here is to get to your eye level people chatting with you and giving you advice. This is vital in labs, engineer departments and other similar fields.

It’s also a way to skip work and still annoy your colleagues. School campuses can also rely on a Double in each building and this gizmo could replace many jobs, from ushers to cinemas and theatre halls to many others. Retail stores can use the device as mobile kiosk and give customers information and various brands can replace their mascots with this device. Doctors can also visit patients virtually with this gizmo.