Although some people praised Lenovo’s courageous approach with the rotating Yoga models, we had a feeling that such products were dead on arrival… Now the Lenovo Yoga 11 Windows RT unit is reported missing from Lenovo’s site and it’s most likely canned.


The hybrid may be phased out, just like Samsung decided to give its Win RT Ativ slate the boot. From what I know HP and Dell did something similar and when you see 4 major PC/tablet players doing that, you should probably think twice about using this platform… ever. Lenovo’s listing for the Yoga 11 states that the product is no longer available on It does mention that you can find it on other retail websites and you will, at the likes of Tiger Direct and Office Depot.

They could just be getting rid of the last units, frankly. I should also mention that since the first wave of Windows RT tablets in October 2012 we haven’t seen any new models, leading us to believe Windows RT is truly dead. Meanwhile, the Surface RT tablets have been getting price cuts. It’s bye bye RT if you ask me…