Apple is apparently ready to become more aggressive in producing the 9.7 inch iPad, so the overall iPad shipments in the third quarter of 2014 are expected to grow again. The problem is that demand for tablets in Europe and the US has been weakening, as the iPad Mini is expected to make an impact, in its third gen version.


The larger sized iPhone will also steer some people away from the bigger iPads, apparently. Digitimes Research estimates that the volume of iPads will reach lower than 70 million units, the first shipment drop for the device. The sixth gen iPad has entered production in August, according to people in the know and it’s expected to become available in early fourth quarter. The new iPad will bring no changes in exterior design, but it will adopt a direct bounding technology, that reduces the gap between the cover glass and LCD.

This helps with transmittance and also reduces the thickness. Digitimes expects the new iPad to increase iPad shipments and return them to growth in the third quarter. The 9.7 inch models are estimated to account for 58% of the overall iPad shipments. We’re still not sure if we’ll see a new iPad Mini this year or not. Moving on to fourth quarter, this is when Digitimes expects 22.5 million units, down 13.5% on year, while total 2014 shipments will drop 8.32%. Saturation is the problem here…