Now here is a fact that is not likely to come as a surprise of tech fans and addicts. The notebook shipments are starting to go down for all major brands and April seems to be the most prominent month in terms of the drop. Till the end of the year it is expected that in this manner the prices for this devices will go down as well as the shipments.


It is now wonder that the notebook sales and shipments are going down as the tablet and smartphone markets flourish beyond belief. The Android eco-system in general has managed to rise well above all expectations and the OS implementations have crazy with all sorts of machines now available for sale as mini-computers.

Digitimes Research has gathered that the top-5 notebook brands shipments have gone down to over %20 in April. It is Hewlett-Packard (HP), Acer and Lenovo that have suffered the major losses that may cause an overall shipment drop of more than 15% for Q2 of this year. Digitimes Research also assesses that Lenovo will continue negotiations with IBM over the acquisition of the company.