A patent came up in South Korea today, covering a Samsung tablet prototype that folds. The device is shown below and seems to be in a pretty advanced state. We’ve heard about foldable devices before, especially from Samsung and we’ve seen the odd render here and there, but this is a new generation.


The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is as futuristic as things get right now and the Galaxy Note 5 will adopt the usual rectangular format. Samsung’s futuristic designs are probably meant for many years from now. After all, Nokia had a folding phone called Morph in 2008, that was able to transform into a smartwatch and tablet by simply reshaping it with your hand. It was ahead of its time and it stayed a prototype…


In the meantime Samsung is said to be working on a real folding phone, or better said phablet codenamed Project Valley. The device depicted here may or may not be Project Valley, but what’s for sure is that it unfolds in 3 parts and can increase its diagonal 3 fold. This patent was submitted one and a half years ago, so this project has been in development for a while. Samsung is said to debut flexible and folding products in 2016.