Designer Martin Hajek is the man to watch if you want to catch a glimpse of future Apple devices and new devices in general. He renders and even offers 3D printable versions of his works, that are spot on most times, when it comes to leaks. Today he envisions a new direction for the future iPads.


The core idea here is that the new iPad Air 2 and Mini would borrow from the iPhone 6, instead of keeping the same tablet design for the third time in a row, the one of the iPad Mini 1. The plastic bands from the back of the iPhone 6 are now included on what seems to be an iPad Mini 3 and to me this simply looks like a bigger phone, or better said a slightly enlarged iPhone 6 Plus.

The protruding camera is also included and we also get a camera flash this time. The On/Off button has been kept at the top, not moved to the side like on the latest iPhones. The edges of the device are rounded, not sloped, like on previous iPads. I’m curious to see the speaker holes more closely, since they seem perpendicular this time, instead of sloped.