Dell has officially started selling its latest tablets, the Venue 7 and Venue 8, both models based on Clover Trail+ CPUs and Android 4.2.2. Below you can see the Dell Venue 8 pictured, with a red back case.


The CPU inside these devices is the Intel Atom Z2580, also known as the Clover Trail+ and initially meant to run Windows 8. As the names show, the Venue 8 gets an 8 inch screen, while the Venue 7 is a 7 incher. Their resolution is 1280 x 800 pixels and common specs include 2 GB of RAM, WiFi and Bluetooth 4.0.

Dell Venue 7 is priced at 150 euros, while the Venue 8 goes for 180 euros. Both models clock in at 2 GHz and the Venue 7 only offers 16 GB of storage, while the Venue 8 has 16 and also a 32 GB alternative. Both have microSD card slots and in case you’re wondering, the price tags mentioned above translate to $150 and $180 in USA.


  • DeianStancu

    This move from Dell is the result of Michael Dell’s buyout, unfortunately they are using last year’s tech, Acer is already in stores with it’s W4 tablet that you posted yesterday about.
    I am expecting the Venue 11 Pro, I hope I’ll get one next month, that tablet is like Surface Pro 2, with stylus and a slightly bigger screen, at 10.8″, but with many good accessories, like keyboards and docking stations, and starting at much lower price than Surface 2 Pro.