People have been wondering why Google decided to attack the higher end notebook segment with the brand new Chromebook Pixel. Chromebooks were typically lower price notebooks focused on the Chrome experience, but the Pixel is a genuine Macbook rival.


In the following lines you’ll see some of the extras that this model offers, even for such a big price. So, you’re expected t pay $1.299 for the WiFi Chromebook Pixel and you’re frustrated by it? Or maybe you want to pay $1.499 for the LTE model, with double the storage? Some people may argue that paying so much for a laptop built around a browser is an exaggeratio, but you get much more. The device gives you two freebies.

The first one is the GoGo Inflight Internet and Google Drive cloud storage with 1 TB of storage is the second. The GoGo access is a $168 perk, while the Google Drive storage of 1 TB for 3 years is $1799.64. So, fora $1300 laptop you actually get around $2000 of freebies. Obviously, the 12.85 inch Pixel display Chromebook with a 2560 x 1700 pixel resolution and 1.8 GHz dual core Core i5 CPU is appealing as well.