You can tell from the image below that the Cyberus Smart Info Tablet is a disappointment, but let’s not get fooled by appearances. The sad thing is that there’s also a review out there, courtesy of Gadgetell, who also found this device to be a let down. The tablet is an Ebook reader, a web surfing gizmo, a PMP with Internet radio and PND functions.


Gadgetell’s review mentions the frustrations of the UI, because of the non-standard layout of the virtual keyboard and the overall underwhelming experience it provides. Also, the ePUB ebook format is not supported, so you’ll only be using PDF, TXT or HTML files if you’re into portable reading.

The fonts are quite ugly, while the navigation is glitchy, specially the page-turning mechanism. Video playback doesn’t take advantage of the full 7 inch screen, being limited to a small box, plus the quality is disappointing as well. Multitasking is also lacking, to complete the list of flaws of this $249 device.

The conclusion? Buy an iPod touch or a decent ebook reader!

[via slashgear]