So, what do you do after you’ve bought a new Windows 8 PC, aka tablet, aka ultrabook? And how do you do it. With style, of course, as is the case with Microsoft’s latest creation in terms of hardware. The Surface Pro is a winner, even for games.


This month is the Surface Pro month as Microsoft will set in motion to deliver one of the most highly anticipated products of the year. After releasing the Surface RT last yer, many that have bought the device started complaining about its limited abilities in terms of software. The Surface RT can only run apps designed for the ARM RISC platform, and not the usual desktop ones. This is not the case with Surface Pro, the fully featured tablet that comes with a complete version of Windows 8.

Running the usual desktop software on the MS Surface Pro is a breeze, thanks to its Intel Core i5 CPU and plenty of RAM to go around. The only aspect that can become lacking is the internal storage that is of 64 GB with little over a quarter available to the end user. The Intel 4000 graphics chip in the Surface Pro is also very capable, running new games at decent FPS and HD content of the highest quality. A game like Counter Strike that is a few years old, even if it remains one of the most popular multiplayer FPS shooters, should pose no problem for the hardware inside the Surface Pro. See for yourselves: