Word is out that Samsung has decided to discontinue the keyboard dock accessories for 3 of its famous slates. This may frustrate customers of their full PC replacement experience, given by the separate stand and keyboard combo. The keyboard dock for the Galaxy Note 10.1 and Galaxy Tab 10, plus the Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 has been given the axe.


Samsung has confirmed that with UK retailer Clove, quoting unspecified supply issues that affected deliveries ever from November 2012. Samsung intends to replace the single keyboard dock with an accessory that acts as two products. So, we’re talking about a tablet stand that also includes a dock connector for recharging the device and that would make half of the combo, while a Bluetooth keyboard will be used for text entry.

Of course, not so many of the people who buy tablets are interested in the keyboard accessories, so the market is not that prolific. There are still various formats to explore in this area and we’ve seen a bunch of Kickstarter projects handling that. Logitech and Belkin are already famous brands when it comes to keyboard accessories, but let’s see what Samsung comes up with.