There’s something in the air, with so many modular tablets… and all of them at Computex?! First there was the ASUS Padfone, followed by the CMIT TransPhone and there’s now a trio, thanks to the ICE Computer product shown below. This is a mere modular tablet concept, but one that can even fit an iPhone inside, as shown below.

ICE Computer is a Taiwanese startup, in partnership with ECS, who also contributed to the Trinity slate. You can also slide a PC module or phone of the brand you like into this device and you’ll get a touchscreen tablet with an upgradable set of specs. ICE may also include USB 3.0 ports, extra storage and maybe even a fan, but everything as the customer wants it.

Q1 2012 is when we’ll be seeing such wonders on the market. Here’s a hands on with the concept: