Chinese white box tablet vendors have great expectations for this year, predicting 80 to 90 million slates moved for the 11 months, plus December. This is an increase of 60 to 80% compared to last year.


For 2014 they expect to ship as much as 100 million units, up 25% on year, according to Taiwanese supply chain makers. Sources are saying that the $100 price tag of the entry level 7 inch tablets made by big brands seemed to have put pressure on smaller players, but they’re still going strong.

The global tablet shipments are expected to grow 25-30% on year, on a similar level to the white box model evolution. Brand vendors are saying that sub $100 tablets are not yet ready to appear, probably because the profit they would generate would be too small. White box tablet shipments were 25 million units in Q3 2013, an increase of 56.3% from the last quarter and 40.4% from Q3 2012.