Lenovo seems to be innovating the most in the field of tablets and laptops this year, judging by what they showcased at CES 2020. They had foldable laptops there, an E-Ink unit and even a 5G laptop of sorts. It’s the Lenovo Yoga 5G and it promises an impressive 24 hour battery life.

It’s all spawned by the Lenovo Project Limitless and it’s the first PC with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8cx 5G Compute Platform. The product is expected to debut in the Spring, priced at $1499. Interestingly, it will have a different name in USA: Lenovo Flex 5G. The device supports both millimeter wave full bands and sub 6 GHz 5G networks, so no worries there. The product will only weigh 2.9 pounds and provide a 400 nits display.

It’s a 14 inch screen by the way and this is not just a laptop, but rather a 2 in 1 affair. I see there’s also a large touchpad in the mix, a fingerprint scanner and an Airplane Mode button even. Having a laptop with gigabit speeds on the go is a major achievement, especially with this battery life. It means you can transfer huge files in just seconds, useful for people who work with bulky data sets.

Bezels are quite narrow here and the hinge is versatile enough to provide varied angles of rotation. Now putting aside enthusiasm, at its core, this laptop is very much the Lenovo C630, with Dolby Atmos front speakers and a pretty solid build. It also adds 5G and the new CPU of course.