At CES 2014 we also saw some kids devices being launched. One of them is the Kurio tablet below, with a different concept compared to other kid slates.


The device is dubbed Kurio 7x and it’s a 4G LTE tablet with WiFi and Bluetooth 4.0. It’s a 7 inch slate with Android 4.2 and it comes with the usual parental controls, support for up to 8 independent user profiles and the Kurio Genius Internet filtering system. This system is updated daily in order to cover more than 450 million websites.

From what I can see the device has special rubberized edges to survive rough contact and it also comes with a special UI and even a sort of app store, applied on top of Android 4.2. I also seem to spot a camera, a 5 MP unit or so and we get dual stereo speakers on the sides.