ASUS will pack some serious firepower for CES 2011, as they plan to introduce the Eee Pad EP121 tablet in two weeks or so. The teaser video below details the device, that’s supposed to feature a 12 inch display and run on an Intel Core i5 processor. That’s quite an upgrade from the Core 2 Duo ULV chipset that was rumored in May.

Windows 7 is the platform of choice, accompanied by specs such as HDMI and USB connectivity. The usual features should also be included: SD card slot, webcam, USB port. The EP121 will support multitouch that will also work with a digital stylus for artistic purposes. Could a dual-mode active digitizer be in the mix, if this is the case?

ASUS wants this tablet to reach the loving hands of content creators and average consumers, too. A keyboard will also be available as an accessory, with gaming purposes and much more. CES 2011 will reveal more!