The Alex E-Book reader was announced just a few days ago @ CES 2010 and it’s a very interesting evolution of device used for viewing electronic books. Its upper third incorporates a standard 6 inch electronic ink display, just like Amazon Kindle, while the bottom part features a 3.5 inch color touchscreen display, running Android 1.6.

Here’s the original e-reader in action, in the video below:

The two screens can be used together, in case you’re wondering, specially during web browsing. Thus, if you load a page on the Android browser, you can also view it on the electronic ink screen, in its larger version. Content is delivered to this device via Google Books and a Borders partnership.

Alex comes with WiFi, 2 GB of storage, plus a microSD card slot and support for open development. The gadget costs $400, in its WiFi enabled version, available starting February. There’s also a 3G version planned for the future.

[via crunchgear]